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Queen's University is the primary university [9] link with many medical students completing placements at the hospital. The school opened in [12] and has JK to Grade 8. Moose în tranzacționare D. The school opened in [13] and has Grades 7 to Moose Factory Academy of Christian Education is a private elementary school and opened in InPatricia Faries-Akiwenzie, a practicing lawyer from Moose Factory, became the first woman to be elected as Chief.

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Unorganized Cochrane District population: - Unincorporated southern third of the island, home to the old Hudson's Bay Company post and government services, governed by the provincial Local Services Board and the federal Weeneebayko Health Ahtuskaywin that administers the regional medical facility, Weeneebayko General Hospital. Thomas' Anglican Church. Outdoor tourism in summer and winter, such as trap-line tours, canoe expeditions, and snowmobile trips, are locally provided.

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The Tidewater Moose în tranzacționare Park is nearby on the adjacent island facing Moosonee. Visitors also take freight canoe tours that leave from Moose Factory or Moosonee downstream to James Bay at the mouth of the river, or upstream to Fossil Island.

Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre[ edit ] Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre is an interpretive centre that displays many aspects of Cree culture and crafts.

Traditional bannock and goose in season is prepared in a teepee adjacent to the lodge.

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From the lodge visitors can see Sawpit Island on the southern side of the canal and Charles Island on the opposite side of the canal. The Powder Magazine, built inis situated some distance away on its original location, in what is now Centennial Park.

The staff house was built between andmaking it the oldest building in the James Bay area and the last surviving HBC officers' dwelling.

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In the Hudson's Bay Company cemetery the oldest tombstone is dated and marks the grave of the Cree wife and children of John Thomas who was the post's factor at that time. There are only a few graves of British men, since they would return home upon retirement or completion of their contract.

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In total, 51 graves stones can be found here. The blacksmith shop is the last known surviving HBC blacksmith shop, built inand was used until The powder magazine is the only stone structure, built inwas part of the palisaded warehouse complex.

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In the early 20th century, it was converted from gunpowder to general storage. Thomas' Anglican Church[ edit ] St. Thomas' Anglican Church St. Construction began in and was completed in Sculptor Duane Linklater was born in Moose Factory.

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