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As you heal, as you remember your true nature vast and powerful and present and freeWeep, friend. Cry all the tears you never let yourself cry before. The body needs to weep sometimes.

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To release pent-up energies. You need to grieve all the lives you longed to live, all the lives that were never going to be lived, so that you can return to this life, and this body, and this moment.

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Forget your image. You need to roar for your life now. Sometimes healing is not pretty.

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It's a death. It's a rebirth. It's a letting-go and a coming-alive. We weep.

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We shake. We shudder. We scream. We feel 'worse than ever'.

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We make a mess. We touch a despair and a doubt we never knew possible. But we come to trust the process. And want to be felt.

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And have been longing to be felt since we were very very young. And there's nothing wrong with you for having that thought either.

Adam Freundlich

And trust that sometimes you need to doubt. And forget.

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And resist. Yes, trust that you will resist your healing sometimes.

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And you can celebrate your resistance now! You can celebrate all of yourself now. As you weep.

Cote La Jocuri De Noroc – Cazinourile care acceptă postepay – Adam Freundlich

As you shake. As you roar like a lion. As you beg God for mercy. As you touch the Ground again. Yes, you are a mess.

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Yes, you are healing in your own original way.