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Divorce proceedings[ edit ] InAkhmedov's wife, Tatiana Akhmedova, to whom he was married sincefiled for a divorce in the UK, where she resided with their two children.

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During the proceedings, Farkhad Akhmedov claimed the marriage had already been dissolved due to her disloyalty in by a Russian decree granted in the Moscow Court. However, no official records of the proceedings have been found by Russian lawyers or the UK court. As a result, the UK court determined that "The inference to be drawn [ But in mid-October his claims were dismissed again as the court decided to uphold the lower court's ruling that Akhmedov failed to submit credible evidence of an earlier divorce.

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Despite Mr. Akhmedov's claims of "special contribution", the judge did not depart from the equality principle, and ruled that due to both parties' equal contribution to the marriage, the assets obtained during the marriage are to be split equally. On 9 MayAkhmedov secured a favorable ruling in Dubai's commercial court in the legal battle over Luna.

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The DIFC court ruled that the freezing order on the Lunawhich was obtained against Straight Establishment in Februarywould remain in place but also ruled that the lower court had no jurisdiction over the Trust.

It ruled the case must be heard by the local sharia courts on the grounds that it is a matrimonial dispute not a commercial or maritime matter.

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The case is expected to begin in October On 2 AugustMr. Justice Haddon-Cave ruled that Mr. Akhmedov was in contempt of court and warned that he faced a possible jail term if he entered UK.

In Octoberit was reported that Akhmedov had earlier made two multi-million pound settlement offers to Tatiana without prejudice — in and — in an attempt to ensure current and future generations benefit from the family's financial legacy. Both novotek trading llc director general were rejected.

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Tatiana is believed to be considering an appeal. The ruling was widely reported as a major blow to Tatiana Akhmedova and her backers, Burford Capital, and there was speculation that Luna could leave the port where she had been docked for over a year.

Amongst other things, the claim stated that the wrongful arrest of Luna had resulted in damages to the vessel.

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In Octoberan independent expert appointed by the Dubai courts to assess the amount of damages incurred as a result of Luna's wrongful arrest filed his report. It found that Farkhad Akhmedov will be owed nearly £50m in lost rental income — covering the period when Luna was under arrest — if the damages claim is decided in his favour.

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Akhmedov demanded details of Tatiana's financial arrangement with Burford, arguing it is unlawful. Akhmedov donates through his AzNar foundation to worthy causes in both Azerbaijan and Russia.

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He is a supporter of children's charities, contributing millions of dollars to orphanages and schools in Russia and throughout Azerbaijan. Having fled from Azerbaijan to Moscow when he was 15 with only a few rubles, no knowledge of the Russian language and without help from his mother, Akhmedov states that he feels compelled to support children who are in need.

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Art[ edit ] Akhmedov has paid for exhibitions of major Azerbaijani artists throughout the world, mainly in London and Paris. He is known in Azerbaijan to have the largest private collection of Azerbaijani art, which is displayed in his museum Nar Gallery [46] in the Old City of Baku and is open to the public.

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He is a close friend of Farhad Khalilovchairman of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijanand has organised exhibitions of his works in Europe several times. Most notably, in March at the Saatchi Gallery. The conflicting information is related to an ongoing divorce novotek trading llc director general between the two.

Legal experts believe that the reason behind Akhmedov's religious claims was his intent to take the dispute to Sharia court where he believed he had better chances of a favorable judgement.