Opțiune de breakout

opțiune de breakout

Information security cyber defense team ah of EY and ah we are responsible for all incident response ah actions ah within the firm ah and I have an experience of seven years in total.

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Ah and specifically information security field ah for two years. So, ah now ah let me just start ah the session ah with ah ah with a very relevant and effective quote ah both in our as well as in our ah cyber space and it's nothing but about trust trust is the most dangerous vulnerability ah and that is often exploited by Malicious actors.

As if told both in our social life as well as in our cyber space. So with that ah let's begin ah about the ah session begin about the ah talk I mean ah the session that I am going to take.

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So, it's about the zero trust architecture. So before ah you know I give you opțiune de breakout an introduction or like ah ah be discuss about the key concepts, the principles, the benefits and how do we create such an architecture? I would like to give everyone ah brief ah idea ah on ah how this ah model came into existence or how it was before the ah introduction of ah zero trust architecture. So, ah in an information security domain ah the key concept or the back of information security was the perimeter security.

So ah perimeter security in in perimeter security ah model or in such a ah concept it's ah majorly divided into two different ideologies. First one as mentioned ah anything that is external opțiune de breakout untrusted. And anything that is internal is trusted.

So, these were the two main ideologies that falls under perimeter. I'll explain more about it and also ah back then it opțiune de breakout considered the information security domain itself was considered information security is considered to be a candy ah bar effect.

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So, what, what does this candy bar ah means? So, it is ah like security has hard shell outside and a soft inside. So, once ah someone is able to break that hardshill and get inside then it's easy for that actor to ah you know move effortlessly with the system. So that was the you know the model that was accepted ah or like that was considered to be.

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But that is literally a major failing of this pyrameter security model. So, now regarding the trust part of it. So, anything that faults outside your network or outside your organisation is considered to be untrusted and something that is within your organisation is considered to be trusted.

So, for example ah, so in of an organisation you have lot of internal entities. Ah your users, your ah devices, your ah network ah your service anything for that matter, anything that comes within the organisation is considered to be trusted.

So, that is ah one of the major failing of this perimeter security model. So, I'll give you an a brief example, a very small example ah of ah you know why this is considered to be a major failing?

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So, you employee. So, according to this particular model, this employee comes under the internal ah asset. Ah or ah something that lies within the ah inside of your organisation. So according to this model ah this employee or this user can be blindly trusted.

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So, the device that he is using also belongs to the organisation can also be trusted. Very legitimate looking email. So, which is prompting the user to click on a link.

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So, this ah the email has a body, as a content ah which has a link inside. So, it is asking the user to click on the link.

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So, without thinking twice because it was Credentials or like say like his ah you know ah ah his office credentials. So, anything for that matter, it is asking for a credential ah his own credentials.

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So, once he put in his credential then it's all lost. Now, you can imagine what can happen ah to to what extent can it go. So, yes, so the third party or the ah threat actor ah by just user just by clicking on the link is gaining access to his credentials. Gaining the credentials. Ah just buy a single click. So, in that ah then as I have mentioned so again ah according to this concept ah the internal asset is to be trusted.


So, if that's the case ah then ah you know this this example itself is clear that it is not the case. Inside access is not always denying, not always trusted. So, because modern attacks are inside out. So, the trusted system brings in the attacker.

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So, that is why it's always the case that anything that faults within can be trusted. And there comes the introduction of the ah next model that is a zero trust model but before that before we die right into the hit topic. I'd like to give you a few ah you know ah I'd like to show you the statistics and the figures to ah substantiate this ah you know this statement ah internal access can never be trusted or opțiune de breakout it's not the case that it's always behind. So, this is something I have taken ah from ah varies ah ah website.

So, ah they have actually conducted a survey ah in twenty twenty and this is their report based on the survey.

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It's called DBIR data breach ah incident ah incidents report. So, this is actually an annual publication ah that provides analysis of ah information security ah incidence.

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Specially data breaches ah with a specific you know as mentioned specifically focused on data breaches. So according to this, this data itself is enough to prove that ah internal anything that falls within the network cannot be blindly trusted.

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Because of all the data breaches that's reported and that they have performed a survey on of that thirty percent of the data breaches. A involved internal threat actors.

And of the thirty percent, eight percent ah are because of the misuse of the authorized users. And the remaining twenty-two percent included social attacks. So, as if mentioned ah so this misuse of authorised users ah like you will be having, you will be having like ah ah access to certain set of ah service or like you are like an admin opțiune de breakout sir.

So with that privilege it's been ah ah you know misused by. So, an example ah as if mentioned about the fishing case.

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So, suppose you are an admin and you are getting by the threat tractor in that case the threat actor can like you because they have your opțiune de breakout. So, that can also be considered to be ah you know ah ah gaining ah admin access just because you are you have clicked on a fishing link or ah you know any such ah any such ah you have visited any such websites or downloaded something that is highly malicious or something of that sort. And the next twenty-two percent ah is ah social attacks.

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Social tax can can be of any you know can be like ah ah wishing call ah like someone ah faking to be ah from the ah you know from your bank and asking for your credentials, asking for your card numbers. So, it can be of ah anything of that sort.

So, I think this statistics and triggers would be enough to prove that ah that's not the case you cannot always blindly believe ah what is within your network.

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So, yeah. So with that ah we ah we have just stepping on to the core of this session that is about the zero trust architecture. So zero trust architecture was developed by a John Kinderback ah in the year twenty ten and he was ah vice president and principal analyst of foresters research.

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So ah this zero trust model is ah primarily ah a data centric model.