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Construction[ edit ] Chicago Businessman Portus B. Weare Portus Baxter Weare January 1, - February 23, [1] was born in a log cabin [2] at Otsego, Michiganthen a remote settlement.

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His wilderness childhood led him into an early career as a fur trader. By the mids, many of the peltries were in decline due to over hunting, so Weare moved on to grain trading in Chicago. He was a success, and became wealthy. They had not seen each other sincebut subsequent actions suggest there was a trusting relationship between the two.

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Healy had moved from Montana to Dyea, Alaska and established a trading post. There he met prospectors returning from the interior who brought news of the Fortymile gold strike in the Yukon drainage. Healy was searching for financing to exploit this find and turned to his old friend Weare to propose an investment. To back up his story, Healy placed a buckskin bag of gold dust and nuggets on Weare's desk. Weare was named Chairman of the Board of Directors. Barr, and Charles H. Hamilton set off to Seattle.


Here Weare contracted with John J. Hollanda well-regarded shipwright, to build a steamer that could travel upstream from the Pacific Ocean to the gold fields in the Yukon. The Weares, Healy, Holland and a crew of 14 of his shipyard workers, [8] all the materials for the ship, the ways on which to build it, and tons of trade goods and supplies were loaded onto the schooner-rigged steamship Alice Blanchard.

She sailed north on July 6, [3] and reached St. Michael Islandabout 80 miles north of the mouth of the Yukon, on August 10, A settlement on St.

Michael Island, called St. Michaelwas founded by the Russian-American Company in to trade with Yupik natives, [9] but by it had been taken over by the Alaska Commercial Company. It refused to cooperate. The Alice Blanchard was forced to anchor two miles offshore and to ferry supplies to the beach in the ship's boats and a 40' scow built on site.

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It took a month to unload at Weare's new settlement, which was dubbed Fort Get There. Even site- ul oficial de tranzacționare din Yukon task was fraught with difficulty, however, because the competitors at the Alaska Commercial Company tried to hire Holland's men at double their wages.

Its captain, Michael A. Healywas reported to have threatened the laborers with hanging if they did not get to work, and offered some of Bear's tools and crew to help with the job. Weare was launched on September 17,less than two months after arriving on St. Michael Island. She was feet long, but drew only 4 feet of water when fully loaded and a mere 16 inches without freight aboard [13]allowing her to safely navigate the shallow and uncharted river.

The river froze over in late September or early October and became unnavigable until the ice broke up in June.

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Even when it was flowing, the river was deeper in the spring as the snow melted and shallower in the summer and fall. There were no charts, buoys, or other aids to navigation. Grounding on sand bars was a common occurrence and freight was often off-loaded to lighten the steamers sufficiently to refloat.

As a rule, Yukon steamers did not run at night due to the navigational difficulties but this did not present much of a constraint because at the high latitudes of the Yukon it was light during most of the time the river was unfrozen.

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Portus B. Weare would typically take between two and three weeks to ascend the river from St. Michael to Dawson City, and somewhat less heading downstream. During her service on the Yukon she would typically make round trips per season, [15] but in at least one year made four deliveries to Dawson City.

Steamers on the Yukon, including Portus B. Weare, often towed, pushed, or were lashed to barges to increase the freight they could move. Weare, like all the steamers on the river, was wood fired and would stop every six hours or so to pick up wood that had been precut and to gather driftwood. She burned 25 to 30 cords of wood per day when underway on the river.

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Weare on a sand bar while engaged in gathering fuel. Mosquitoes were a constant complaint on these occasions. Weare immediately after launch in September leaving St. Michael Island for the Yukon Immediately after launching and sea trials, the new steamship was loaded with trade goods.

Captain J. Barr and John Healy took her up the Yukon, crossing the bar at the river's north mouth on September 28, By October 1, Portus B.

Weare was about miles up the river, but by October 5, when she was about miles up the Yukon, the thickness of the ice made further travel impossible.

He reported the status of the venture to Weare in Chicago, and then returned to the St. Michael with another load of provisions for Portus B. Weare to take up the river in the spring of After the break-up of the ice in the spring of made the Yukon navigable again, Healy went on to establish a new trading post, Fort Cudahy, near the mouth of the Fortymile River and stocked it with food and mining supplies carried by Portus B.

During the winter of -the ship was moored in a slough near Fort Cudahy. Weare's first trip in He reported back to Weare in Chicago about his success selling goods to the miners. Additional capital was raised and Healy returned to St. Michael with more trade goods for the spring of Healy, in The strikes also brought the North-West Mounted Police.

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There were several thousand men in the Canadian portion of the Yukon and, as ofexactly one policeman. The Dominion of Canada correctly predicted that the new strikes would draw yet more miners to the region and decided to place a post on the river with 20 men. On July 5, Portus B. Weare left St. Michael with the Canadian contingent. The ship took eight of the men further upstream to Twelve Mile River where they cut timber which was floated back down to Fort Cudahy.

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The Mounties rented the North American Transportation and Trading Company sawmill there, and used the lumber they produced to build Fort Constantine, the first police post in the Yukon. Weare spent the winter of - frozen in at Dawson City. Weare reached St. When the miners and their gold reached Seattle and San Site- ul oficial de tranzacționare din Yukon, the Klondike gold rush began.

Weare was loaded with passengers and tons of provisions at St. She sailed up the river again on July 3, There was real concern that starvation could be a problem in the gold fields and the Alaska Commercial Company and the North American Transportation and Trading Company cooperated to get supplies to the interior before the river froze over in late September.

Twenty miles below Circle City, Alaska she grounded on a sand bar and was stuck there for 19 days. She was forced to shift her passengers to J.

Healy to continue their journey. When Portus B. Weare stopped at the company's trading post at Circle City she was boarded by a committee of the local miners. They were just as short of supplies as the miners in Dawson City and winter was approaching.

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After some unsatisfactory negotiations they decided to take what they wanted by force. On September 20, fifty armed miners surrounded the ship and began unloading supplies, [29] taking 30 tons. Weare did reach Dawson City before the river froze. Unfortunately, after the miners in Circle City helped themselves to her cargo, the supplies aboard skewed toward mining equipment and whiskey rather than food. Faced with potential scurvy and starvation in Dawson, the ship was loaded to over capacity with miners and sailed back down the river.

She did not make it back to St. Michael, for the river froze while she was en route. She spent the winter of - at Circle City. Many of her passengers took off in small boats and on foot. Weare and other incidents where desperate miners had taken trading posts by force showed that Alaska and the Yukon were essentially lawless. The 20 Mounties at Fort Constantine were no match for tens of thousands of miners spread over hundreds of miles of wilderness.

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Understandably, Weare indicatori pentru thinkorswim pentru opțiuni binare concerned with security.

He is reported to have purchased a Maxim machine gun in for Portland, the sea-going vessel he chartered for runs between Seattle and St. The company had offices at First Avenue in Seattle, where it took bookings from Yukon bound travelers. It offered a complete suite of services to miners including ocean transport to St. Michael, a hotel at Fort Get There, river transport up the Yukon, food, mining supplies, and financing for mining ventures.

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It even had a rather unusual real estate business buying gold mines from departing miners to sell to newcomers. The company also offered employment to miners in the winter chopping wood to fuel the next year's steamboats.

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Its first ship headed to Alaska in left Seattle on June 10, and additional ships followed every ten days. Michael to Dawson City inPortus B. Weare was loaded with whiskey. The ship was met by Portus B. Weare himself about miles up the river. He had come overland via Chilkoot Pass. Michael to change her cargo for more practical provisions. The ship finally left St. Michael on July 22, for her trip up the Yukon.

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She carried no passengers up river, so as not to exacerbate the potential of starvation in the gold fields during the coming winter. The new strike diverted miners away from the Yukon gold fields. Steamboat traffic on the river slumped. Site- ul oficial de tranzacționare din Yukon miners already in the Klondike had gold to spend, however. Weare spent the winter of - at St. Weare had difficulties in his grain trading business at the same time, leading ultimately to his expulsion from the Chicago Board of Trade and personal bankruptcy.

In the company closed three of its trading posts and leased its fleet of steamers to individual captains. A bit of good news came in when gold was discovered in Fairbanks, Alaskaon the Tanana Rivera tributary of the Yukon about miles from St. In these later years, supplying Fairbanks with goods from the outside became much more important than the gold fields.